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Hello, all! I decided to open new section called "Caring & Curing" in my blog. It is all about caring & curing my skin, hair, body. So I'm gonna share my skincare, hair , body care products, & make-up products/ basically all beauty products under title "Caring & Curing". Keep reading!! It gets interesting!!!

History of my skin
 I had the perfect skin until I graduated my high school. It was so clean, no acne, no freckle, no pigmentation. People asked me how I care my skin and I just used nothing. Maybe sunscreen, some of mom's cream.That is all ^_^
It dramatically changed after I graduated my high school and started the university. I got acne,,,,,,:((( looot of them.. OMG it was horrible. I started to put foundation to hide my acne which made it even worse. My skin got oily and terribly uneven. I was soooo stressed over it. It didnt get any better until I graduated my university.
For me Nature's Cure was the rescue. I used so many anti-acne products. None was helpful. It saved my skin from hell of acne . I still use when my skin breaks out now. It dries acne up which makes ur skin pretty dry. So you need moisturize ur skin as well.
PS: no advertisement/ only based on my experience

Now my skin still breaks out time to time. But nothing to compare back to university years. Sometimes it clears up, sometimes few of them come out. What u re gonna do? Of course, deal with it. Now I have combination skin and some pigmentation & acne scars. But it is fine. Now I tend to control my skin if acne comes out.
So the best tip is keep your skin clean! Use products that suit your skin type!
Everyday I remove my make-up completely and cleanse my skin so so well. I always use products for combination skin,  also it should be water based , oil free or matte finish.

Thanks for reading! Hope it was helpful!

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