Fav 5 Perfume

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Today I am going to introduce my little lovers to you!! My perfumes! Yaay!!!
 I am obsessed with fragrances... I can't go out without wearing one. It just feels so good and it makes me feel more confident and energetic. I like very fresh, breezy and flowery scent. But also it should be kind of sweet and soft.
I did some creative photo work here.. If you like it then let me know through the instagram and facebook, pls :D

 So here are some of my favorite ones that I use these days...

1. Versace,Yellow Diamond
It is soo refreshing, breezy, juicy and it has such nice, mystery scent. These days i am wearing it every single day. Perfect for all seasons for me.

2. Above:  L'occitane, Pivoine Flora
 It has really nice rose scent which is perfect for summer. Even it has flower scent, it is not extremely sweet or sugary. It's so fresh, refreshing and rose-y perfume.Love it so much <3 (gift from my bf<3)

3. Below: Hugo Boss, Femme
Perfect amount of sweetness. It has such girly, cute, sweet scent I think. It would be a very good choice for Autumn and Spring for me. 

4. Chanel, Chance (pink)
Everyone knows Chance is the best!! No need to comment more..For me it's a perfect feminine, fresh, little bit sugary and nice scent. I felt in love with it a year ago. But i felt that it's a bit keen for me sometimes. Not everyday perfume for me, but I still like it so much.

5. Lanvin, Jeanne

Sweet, sugary, and sweet I'd say...Actually I bought it couple years ago. At that time, it felt so nice like I was crazy about it. But now ?? not so much honestly. It has sweet yet mysterious scent I cannot explain. Anyways I love it before and it's perfect for someone who likes sweet and sugary scent.

My wish list №1 D&G, Light Blue

I really really wanna get this one.It has really nice breezy, refreshing, fresh yet soft scent and I liked it so much. It just feels like ocean wave... so nice. Hope I'll get it soon