Outfit of the day/Denim on denim+ The weirdest dream

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Hello folks! Did you know solar eclipse happened today? Did you see?

Anyway I had the weirdest dream yesterday. I was walking front of my apartment. Suddenly real black huge cloud came out of nowhere. It was't the cloud that we see when it rains.It was literally real "black" cloud that I've never seen before. I thought it was going to rain heavily and hid in the fore apartment with other people. Huge cloud started to destroy my apartment from the edge.It was like laser melting. I felt terrible because I knew that my bro went to our home few minutes ago. I was so worried but suddenly my bro jumped out of the window .OMG, I cant explain how I felt. It was like tearing up my heart. I immediately run toward my melted apartment to see my bro.And I woke up like panting craaaazy. Yeah, it was a weird and terrible dream.

Denim on Denim+Sneakers
Sneakers, Nike
Denim Jacket, Mango
Bag, Mango
others: no brand

Thank you all for checking out the new post and read about my weird dream.Thank you,again!
 Stay tuned <3

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