Kazakhstan trip in 2015

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Hey folks! I wanted to share about my trip to Kazakhstan today :)
I went to Kazakhstan the beginning of the last December. It was kind of a business trip because I went for training. Additionally I was kind of doing translations for the people I went with. (Not Russian, just English :P

On the plane
(I didn't like Turkish airline because it wasn't comfortable at all and the food was't good either)

 We landed in Bishkek, Kyrgystan because they dont have direct flight to Kazakhstan from Mongolia. The weather in Bishkek was very warm like Autumn.

We went to Almaty, Kazakhstan by car for few hours. It was like we were going to countryside. It was foggy.
 Finally we arrived at the hotel. The hotel name was Atakent Park Hotel. I was so tired.

  I went to Astana city in the next morning. It was around 4am. It was very foggy and I got on to the plane from outside of it. Pretty new experience :P

 Our flight has postponed a little bit because of the fog.
 The sun has rised.
 There is no word!! Astana was amazing city. It reminded me of fairy tale land or Alice in wonderland or whatever. It was just very exciting. The buildings were amazing and the air was so fresh. I spent only 1 day in Astana, so that I haven't seen a lot. I wish I had more time to stay there.

 The man is fishing by the Yesil river.

Always so foggy. The fog makes the city look more fairy-like.

 Astana airport

So I went back to Almaty in that night. The plane has postponed for 3hours because of the fog again :( So I had to wait @ the airport. T.T
 I went to the Ski resort of Almaty. It was really nice and big.

I went to Panfilov Park which is park for soldiers who had fought in the war.

 So I spent few days in Almaty and came back home. It was a short but nice trip. I wish I had more days to stay in Astana and I wish I knew Russian. Actually I didnt have any expectation about Kazakhstan, I thought it would be just same as UB. I was definitely wrong and it was such a nice developed country :) I would love to go there again during the summertime. I heard it's the most beautiful in summer.

So it was one of the unexpected great trip of mine in 2015. I really really hope more travels are waiting for me in 2016. Cross fingered :D

Thank you for visiting my blog! It means world to me, xoxo


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