My TOP BEAUTY favorites of 2015

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Hey folks! Let me introduce my beauty favorites of the 2015.

1.Skincare FAVS

The Faceshop Character mask 
Isn't it just so cute??  They had several options which is panda, fox and other animals. The reason why I chose panda is that my dark circle became soo terrible like panda since I got a job haha... 
The mask moisturizes normally I think.

Innisfree manuka honey mask
I used the one with the manuka honey. It has a such good moisturizing effect. Worth to try!

Mint mask
If you have oily , combination or acne prone skin, then you definitely need this mask. It will make your skin feel fresh and clean.

 Cleansing water
I am using the 3rd bottle of this cleanser and it is really good. It is so gentle on the skin and it removes the make up really well. PS: It is cheap! Get it!

 Eve Taylor Skincare line
It is very mild, natural skincare line which is perfect for people with sensitive skin. I am using their soothing moisture lotion, balancing toner and purifying wash since August. It makes my skin smooth and doesn't cause allergies. I think it works for me. 

Spot Patch
As you know, I have acne pone skin. Sometimes I get pimples that's painful and doesn't go away easily. I always use this patch to treat my pimples. 

Repairing Cream
You will need this when you have new acne scaring or wound on your skin. This will repair your skin faster which means growing your skin faster I guess. It was such a rescue when I was having terrible severe acne during the last summer.
2. Make-up FAVS

Tinted lip balm
I have such dry and patchy lips so that it is hard to use lipstick for me. I have found this perfect lipbalm which can definitely replace the lipstick. It has such a nice moisturizing effect and it has really good color pigmentation, too. I don't need any other lip balms or lip gloss now!

It gives a length and a little bit volume to the lashes. It doesn't smudge under your eyes and it removes easily with make-up remover or even with water. It has a narrow brush which is easy to apply both upper and lower lashes. Do you believe that it has a good scent?! Yes, it does. 
If you like really really voluminous & long lashes, you're gonna love this. Its brush has a nice curling effect but it makes little bit mess around the eyes because of the size and shape of the brush. It doesn't smudge under the eyes and easy to remove with water.

Eyebrow set
I used this almost for an year. Mostly I was using the lighter color and it finished now. Only the darker one has left. It has good pigmentation and color, too. Easy to apply!

Eyebrow pencil
If you prefer using pencils for your eyebrows, let me suggest this one. I am using this since my eyebrow shadow has finished. I am using the number 01 which looks really natural. Give it a try!
Brush Core Set
I really really love this brushes!! The best brush set in the world. I use the biggest one for foundation, next one for contouring, the flat one for concealing around my nose area and the smallest one for concealing my flaws. Please give it a try!!!

Bombshell is the most loving perfume of mine these days. It has a feminine, sweet, yet fresh scent. The newest love of mine.
Stay tuned for the next post! Thank you xoxo

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  1. Хэрэгтэй мэдээлэл оруулдагт баярлалаа :) Mint mask-аа хаанаас авсан бэ?