Into me: One of my dreams/The beach house

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Hello folks! Happy lunar new year btw :) (not Chinese!! I am Mongolian)

Just wanted to share one of my dreams today. I lived in Mongolia for my whole life. We have no beach, sea or oceans here. So I was very fascinated by that creature of the world thinking like how it feels when you swim in the ocean? also other ocean creatures. It must be so great!I was always curious. I have been to the beach in Korea actually. But I was not able to swim, so I just dip my feet in the water and enjoyed the view .The color was amazing.

It was a cloudy day. The pics are taken in Ulsan city, Korea.

It looked much more brighter and nicer in real...

Someday I want to have a beach house like this...And get lovely tan :) Little dreaming hurts no one!yeah?

Very modern and simple. Isn't it great?

Tnx for checking out!Stay tuned....xoxo