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Hello! Today I want to share my fav app which is daily work out apps for butt, abs, cardio and yoga...so on. Exercises are very easy, short-term and effective at same time. I usually do cardio first to warm up my muscles and do butt and abs work out. According to this app you need just 10 mins max in one workout. You can choose your term: 5mins, 8mins, 10mins depending on your preference.  Also it reminds you to do your work out everyday. Go to your app store and search Daily Workout and install them all.
I am still struggling to work out regularly and I skip some days. But I try not to. If you don't like to go to gym, at least do some exercise at home and be healthy :)

She shows you all the exercises

Butt workout

Abs workout

Good luck girls, Stay Fit!

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