How I remove my make-up/My current skincare routine

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Hey folks! Hope you're doing well. It's terribly cold outside, right? I caught a cold which is not curable I think. Duhhh...?
Anyway, I decided to share my current skincare routine today.

First of all, drink a lot of water if you want a good skin. I don't drink water a lot, but I am trying to do recently. I heard a lot of good stuff about drinking water. So it is definitely worth to try!

Step1. Remover your make-up
I'm using this Garnier cleansing water since the last summer. It has been removing my make up really well. Plus it doesn't cause any irritation. I don't use any waterproof products. That's why it might be effective for me. All I do is soak the cleansing water into the cotton pad and wipe my face with it.

Step2. Wash your face with proper cleanser
I use this purifying wash to cleanse my skin thoroughly. I used to use an automatic brush but it broke. Since then I am just using it by itself. I just foam it up and wash my face with it.

3. Tone your skin
Toner is one of the most important item in your beauty drawer. It removes the excess dirt left on your skin and it keeps the balance. You have to use the cotton pad to tone your skin but this one is sprays. It is good for sensitive skin.
3. Moisturize your skin
Moisturizing your skin is the most important thing in the world. It prevents aging, basically it keeps your skin alive. I like this soothing moisture lotion from Eve taylor. I used the balancing lotion from their line before but I didnt like it because the soothing one makes my skin softer and more moisturized.
4. Moisturize your lips
First of all, it's Mongolian skincare brand called "Lhamour". I am really happy that Mongolian beauty brands are establishing and developing like this. I am currently using their lip balm with sea buckthorns. It moisturizes my lip very well but it paints my lip with yellow which is sea buckthotns' natural color. So I use it only at home. Even though I like it so much because it is 100% organic natural product.

That's all. I try to keep my skincare very specific and simple. You know, less is more!

Stay tuned...xoxo