Happy 2016!!! Goodbye 2015 :)

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Hello folks! HAPPY 2016!!! Wish you and your family all the goodness in this year.
I am truly sorry for not posting regularly. I became so busy since I got a job. It was hard to keep posting while doing my job. However I will not give up on my blog and I will post more often this year I promise.
 Thank you so much for reading this right now and visiting my blog, supporting me. It means world to me. 
Let me share some of my memories in 2015 here.
During New Year party

I became the loveliest worker of the year. Thank you :)

I went on a business trip to Kazakhstan. It was amazing. I'm going to post about it more detailed later.

I went to Khuvsgul lake with my family for the first time. I admired the beauty of the nature.

I became the face of the SIX brand

I was on TV

I was in Coca Cola commercial

 I was in VIBE105.5 fm commercial

I started doing beauty videos

The most importantly I started my own blog <3

Okay, that's a wrap.
Stay tuned! xoxo