August Favorites 2015/Caring & Curing

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Hey folks! It's been a while since I updated my blog. Actually I got a new job. So literally I have really little time to dedicate to my blog. But I will still do it continually, and I still hope that someone wants to read my blog out there and waits for the updates.

Actually last month was kind of tough time for me concerning my health issue. My stomach was aching almost everyday because of some medicine I have been taking for my stomach bacteria. Also that was the reason of painful acne came from nowhere. Now it is cleared up. So actually I have been dieting like no spicy food, no fried food, no alcohol and no soft drinks.I am getting better now.
Anyway, these are the products I have been loving in August. So please, stay tuned ^_^

1. Eve Taylor (England cosmetic brand)
I started using it when I was struggling with painful acne. I think this line really helped my skin to calm and stay moisturized. I'm using their "Balancing toner"(for combination skin) and "Soothing lotion" (for sensitive skin). Their products are really organic I hope and it smells like real plants. I recommend it to every skin type, girls!! It is so good ;)
Toner: 45,000 (200ml)
Lotion: 30,000 (50ml travel size)

2. Cica Repair Cream
If  you have sores or cracks on your skin, it will repair your skin faster which means it helps to recover the skin. Especially painful acne leaves really damn big red blemishes or sores on your skin. If you have that problem, consider this product. It really does work. Use this on your bare face and don't wear make-up on it.
Cica Repair cream: around 40,000 (I dont remember exactly)

3. Blemish Control scrub
I really like this product. It cleanses the skin while it prevents acne. It removes the dead skin so well and doesn't stimulate the sensitive skin. Actually I use it every other day and I really think it helps to improve my skin texture.Love it!!
But I'm not sure if it is a scrub or an acne medication for everyday use??
Scrub: 15,000

4. 4D motion cleanser

I dont know why it called 4D cleanser. Maybe it goes into the pores and cleanses deeply...? Yeah, maybe. I use it everyday with foam cleanser and it removes all of the dirt and leftovers on my skin very well. That's just what I need. It has 3 more extra brushes which supposed to change every 6 months. 
From Korea (do not know the price)

5. Elf Bronzing Duo

I love love love it. I have been searching a very nice bronzer for months. I found it!! It's the color named St.Lucia(nice color) and it is very pigmented. The only thing I do not like about this products is that it has glittery things inside. Otherwise I love it.
Elf bronzing Duo: 16,000
PS: I am happy that ELF has imported in Mongolia. Because their products are good and affordable at the same time.
Okay that's all for today.Thanks for reading!! Hope you enjoyed! And stay tuned!!