Amazing Trip to Khuvsgul 2015/ Have some manner and be civilized!!

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 Khuvsgul Lake Trip 
(All photos are taken by me!! Do not copy and use them plz :)
Hello folks! I went to Khuvsgul with my family in this August. It was the most beautiful and the most incredible place I ever been. I was speechless when I saw it the first time. OMG!!! It didn't look like just a lake,  I mean it was more like sea or ocean whatever.
Anyways, it was so beautiful and peaceful that I wanted to stay there as long as I can. The water was so clear, fresh and freezing cold even it was sooo hot outside. We played card at the beach and punished each other like going into the water bcuz it was freaking cold :)) So much fun!!
"Khusliin Khad"(Wish here!)

Khuvsgul lake pours into the"Eg" river

 On the way....only black goats :P

"Khatgal"(the nearest edge of the Khuvsgul lake)
Tourist Center(camps, boats, ferryboat, fish...etc)

"On the boat"
If you look at the right side, you'll see Mongolian nature which is mountains, forest and if you look at the left, its like no ending ocean which seemed like foreign country(bcuz we dont have ocean here). It's pretty amazing.
So clear!!!

 Sunset was so beautiful and romantic <3

It almost didn't want to go back :( I wish this place just stay like this forever <3
A lot of people are going there since Naadam and already started to make it REAL MESS(throwing their garbage everywhere). I was so sad to see that. We have to love and protect our beautiful nature. Have some manner and be civilized!! Carry your garbage and throw it in garbage bin!! It's the simplest thing you can do for your country!!

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